Clinical Psychology Internship

Clinical Psychology Internship

A 1-year supervised, broad spectrum Clinical Psychology Internship Programme. The programme is approved by the Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). The ethos of the training programme mirrors the guidelines set down by the HPCSA and Division of Clinical Psychology of the Psychological Society of South Africa (PSYSSA). The primary goal of the training programme is to provide a year of intensive exposure to a wide variety of clinical and human service experiences. The training, not aimed at specialization, is designed to maximize personal and professional growth. Although exposure to and philosophy about clinical human service experience is designated top priority, consultation, assessment, treatment, and supervision experience receive equal emphasis during the internship. Training is varied and includes working in general as well as in psychiatric hospitals. A significant input is made in respect of medical psychology, clinical health psychology and behavioural medicine. The Department also offers various continuing education courses during the year.

The internship programme stresses the development of clinical psychologists as clinicians and scientists who will be able to grow in the profession and exercise their expertise in the field of mental health as a whole.

Durban Clinical Psychology Internship Applications, Selections and Placements

Internship placements:                                               

Internship placements are at various hospitals and may include:                                               

  • Addington Hospital which is located near the city along the beachfront; 
  • Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital, south of the city, in the Cato manor/ Mayville area;
  • King George V Hospital, west of the city in the Overport/ Sydenham/ Clare Estate area;
  • King Edward VIII Hospital, south of the city, in the Umbilo area;
  • Mahatma Ghandi Memorial Hospital, north of the city, in the Phoenix area,
  • Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital, further south of the city;
  • RK Khans Hospital, south-west of the city, in the Chatsworth area; and              
  • Wentworth Hospital, south of the city, in the Wentworth/ Bluff areas.
Applications for clinical psychology internship to these hospitals are done centrally through the Intern Coordinator in the Department of Behavioural Medicine. All applications are made in writing on prescribed forms. Download the file ‘Intern Application Pack’ below. [Note: This download is only for hospitals in the Durban area. For Pietermaritzburg contact Prof A L Pillay directly – details below)
At present the Internship Cordinator is Dr Shireen Noor Mahomed  , Clinical Psychologist, who may be contacted for all matters related to Clinical Psychology Internships and selection. Her contact information:


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Pietermaritzburg (Midlands Complex) Clinical Psychology Internship Applications, Selections and Placements
Placements occurs at:                                            
  • Town Hill Hospital;
  • Fort Napier Hospital; and 
  • Community Clinics.
Application for clinical internship posts in Pietermaritzburg is also done centrally through Professor Anthony L Pillay, Principal Clinical Psychologist in the Department of Behavioural Medicine and based at Fort Napier Hospital. His contact details are:
Tel. : +27 33 3454221
Fax. : +27 33 3455730