Health Outcomes Research Unit

The Health Outcomes Research Unit (HORU) was established to carry out outcomes research for all sectors of the healthcare industry and to strengthen capacity within the fields of health outcomes and in particular health- and pharmaco-economics.

The Unit’s specific goals include:


¨      Working with health care institutions to develop and implement projects that reflect our continued commitment to health for all;


¨      Evaluating, assessing, reporting and making recommendations, where appropriate, to improve institutions’ efficiency performance in meeting it’s obligations;


¨      Conducting research and monitoring international developments that may impact on health service delivery, and developing strategies;


¨      Working and consulting with key stakeholders including the community, private and related agencies, in order to be at the forefront of issues that may affect the public;


¨      Raising public and government awareness of the impact of emerging trends in health sectors globally, and utilizing a range of methods to effectively reach diverse audiences


The Unit’s primary goal is to undertake health outcomes research, and strengthening health/pharmaeconomics capacity within the University and at the provincial and national levels.  As a Unit we hope to grow and thrive as a major research and teaching unit and also and continue to contribute to capacity building.

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