Research Initiatives

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College THEMES


Statement of purpose

Developmental and Mental Health

To manage development, and the nervous system, from birth to senescence

This focus area will advance understanding and management of:

  • Developmental disabilities
  • Early childhood intervention
  • Mental and behavioural disorders
  • Nervous system disorders

Lifestyle and Environment

To manage non-communicable diseases for long and healthy life

This focus area will advance:

  • Health promotion
  • Illness prevention
  • Management of non-communicable diseases
  • Understanding and management of risk factors at individual and community level
  • Environmental determinants of disease

Trauma, emergency and Rehabilitation

To optimise emergency care, trauma treatment, post-operative care, and rehabilitation

This focus area will advance:

  • On-scene treatment and transport
  • Forensic aspects of trauma management
  • Trauma management
  • Rehabilitation and reintegration into society
  • Public health aspects of trauma

Infectious diseases

To generate a greater understanding of HiV and Tb to optimise quality of life  for immune-compromised patients

This focus area will advance:

  • Prevention of infectious diseases
  • Understanding the molecular basis of diseases
  • Drug discovery and optimising drug treatment (adherence)
  • Forensic challenges for HIV and TB infected patients
  • Nursing care for HIV and TB patients
  • Surgery involving patients with HIV and TB
  • Public health aspects of HIV and TB patients

Applied Health Care (and Health Systems)

To inform policy and shape and strengthening systems

This focus area will advance:

  • Achieving the Millenium development goals and the DoH ten-point plan
  • Reengineering of primary health care
  • Implementation of NIH
  • Skills mix and task-shifting
  • Human Resources for health.
  • Clinical health provision for decentralised health care.
  • Traditional health care (AKS)

Health Sciences Education

To promote excellence in teaching and learning and implement best practice in health sciences education and training

This focus area will advance:

  • Academic development and support of students within the Health Sciences
  • Capacity development of staff in health sciences related pedagogy.
  • The use of technology in teaching and learning
  • Competency based curricula.
  • Cognitive based aspects of clinical reasoning
  • Community/rural based service learning for social justice
  • Medical terminology in a multilingual society

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